Professional Billing Services

How Can We Help You?

As a  dedicated medical billing company, we at Professional Billing, LLC offer many services to aid our clients, including keeping our clients up to date on the latest changes in the coding industry such as the ICD-10 implementation, as well as the newest Third Party Payor Rules. 

Our goals are to"let the doctor be the doctor" by handling their medical billing out-sourcing needs, and to achieve optimum financial results for our clients. Proper medical billing practices can save a doctor money, while improper medical billing practices can cost a doctor money.


 Here are the services we offer our clients:

  • Paperless electronic claim submission.
  • Electronic transmissions done on a daily basis.
  • Generating monthly patient statements.
  • Handling all patient phone calls regarding patient and insurance balances.
  • Automated appointment reminder phones calls. Texting and email options are also available.
  • Total accounts receivable management.
  • Monthly statistical reports.
  • Day to day support for your staff.
  • Provide electronic storage of billing data.
  • Provider relations and credentialing.
  • Provide real time access to your database from any computer via remote access.
  • Provide custom reports based on your practice needs.
  • Working to insure all government incentives are captured.

By out-sourcing your medical billing needs, your staff will no longer be responsible for any of the duties listed above. Your staff will be free to give more individual attention to your patients and focus on their well-being, rather than paperwork, invoices, or medical billing phone calls. 

Professional Billing, LLC's headquarters are located in the Metropolitan Detroit Area, but we are capable of billing for any location. Please contact us today, and tell us how we can help you and your patients.